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Fit Gloves™

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No one enjoys uncomfortable pains and potential injuries. Completely eliminate your pain and chances of injury with our gloves. Protect your skin from calluses and blisters, so that you can live happier and healthier!
Know that you should probably wear gloves while training, but afraid of what people may think? We know the feeling, and so that’s why created Fit Gloves™. We strive to promote better health in the gym, and so we have crafted a pair of gloves that people won’t be able to resist but ask “Where did you get those?”
Did you know that simply having a better grip in your exercises can help you achieve your full potential? Our goal with Fit Gloves™ was to protect your hands, without affecting your normal grip. Our gloves have proven to support the grip so that you can concentrate more on form and isolate your muscles better. With our comfortable design that doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing gloves, you can now progress much faster getting in those extra few repetitions.
We have designed the Fit Gloves™ so that you can train in comfort. They don’t sweat like other gloves, so you can let your hands breathe. They are lightweight and extremely durable, but not bulky – so that you can still feel the equipment. Quick & easy to slide on and off. Machine washable for long-term use.
Want to instantly start lifting heavier without causing discomfort in your hands?
Fit Gloves helps you achieve your full potential while protecting your skin from any blisters and injuries. Whether you’re just starting in your fitness journey or are a professional athlete training for the upcoming season, we are confident that these are the last pair of workout gloves you will need – solving all your problems with this innovative design. Perfect for both men and women.

Measure the circumference of your flat hand at the knuckles.

Size S: 16-18cm / 6.3"-7.1"

Size M: 18-20cm / 7.1"-7.9"

Size L: 21-23cm / 8.2"-9.0"

Size XL: 23-25cm / 9.0"-9.8"

How do I know my correct size? Please refer to our sizing chart to make an informed decision before purchasing.

Are these good for cycling? Yes! Fit Gloves™ was originally made for the gym. However, we have had happy customers use our gloves perfectly for various outdoor activities including cycling, rowing, rock climbing, etc.

Are they washable? Yes, our gloves are machine washable so you can count on wearing these long-term.

How long can I wear these gloves? We have designed Fit Gloves™ to last as long as you like! You can rock these gloves for the whole duration of your workout without causing any sweat or blood circulation issues.

Are the gloves bulky? No, when you put the Fit Gloves™ on, you will feel like you're wearing nothing. We have worked hard in making these gloves lightweight and just enough cushion for maximum comfort while still allowing you to feel the equipment and focus on your form. 

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